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  上海东奇塑料制品有限公司位于上海市金山区朱泾镇,占地面积10000平方米,是一家经营工业产品包装容器的合资企业。公司自成立以来,始终倡导”合作、创新、专业、诚信“的经营理念,凭借先进的生产设备、优质的客户服务和完善的ISO9001质量管理体系,在发展的道路上不断壮大,彻底贯彻“质量求生存、信誉求发展 、管理求效益”的发展方针,以人为本、以客为先,开拓进取、搏击奋进,为客户提供更优更安全的包装容器。 


  Shanghai tonki plastic products Co. Is located in Shanghai City, Jinshan District Zhujing town. Covers an area of 8000 square meters. It is a joint venture dealing in packing containers for industrial products. Since its inception, has always advocated "cooperation, innovation, professionalism, integrity" business philosophy. By virtue of advanced production equipment. Quality customer service and perfect ISO9001 quality management system. Growing on the road of development. Thoroughly implement the "quality of survival, reputation and development, management and efficiency" policy. People oriented, customer first, pioneering and enterprising, fight forward. To provide customers with better and safer packaging containers. 

  The company specializes in operating all kinds of plastic containers. At present, the main products for 200L plastic barrels, 160L plastic barrels, 125L plastic barrels, 60L plastic barrels, 50L plastic barrels, 30L plastic, 1000L container barrels and a variety of kegs. Another business order other specifications or other colors of plastic bucket. Customer satisfaction is the pursuit of power tonki! All walks of life are welcome to contact!

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